Batman arkham asylum gameplay, development and story with link to buy


In this post, I will tell you about the game play, development and story of Batman arkham asylum game as well as a link to buy this game.


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Batman arkham asylum game is developed by Rocksteady Studios and the game is jointly published by Interactive Entertainment, Eidos Interactive, Warner Bros.This game Has been launched on 25 August 2009. Sefton Hill is the director of this game. The creators of this game are both Daniel Bailie and Nathan Burlow. Batman arkham asylum game programmer is Ben Wyatt.


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Batman: Arkham Asylum is an action-adventure video game. The gameplay of this game is very good. A lot of work has been done on the story of this game, the resulting game story is very good. The gameplay of this game is very good. If we talk about the graphics of this game, then the graphics of this game are very good and if we talk about the weapons of the game, then in this game you will get to see all the weapons of Batman and all the fighting moves of Batman, which is very fun.  Talking about the characters of the game, the main villain of this game is the Joker, as well as more enemies of Batman will be seen in this game and the player in the game will confront all these people. Listen to me, you must play this game. This game has been highly liked by Google users. This game has been rated 4.8 out of 5 stars by Google users, which is a good rating.It takes about 9 hours more time to complete this game.

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Story (plot)


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Batman bringing the Joker to Arkham Asylum things are a bit odd though as the members of Joker’s gang have all been recently transferred here following a random fire at Blackgate prison thinking the Joker allowed himself to be captured.

Batman follows him inside to ensure everything goes according to plan and boy was Batman right as the Joker fake falls and takes out his escort Harlequin then takes over the security for the facility and all hell breaks loose Joker runs to the back of the room welcoming.

Batman to the madhouse things go sour real fast with Harley freeing all of the inmates and Joker taking Commissioner.

Gordon hostage Joker then tells Batman that he has bombs all over Gotham so if anybody approaches Arkham he’ll set them off leaving Batman to resolve this oneall by himself so the first thing he does is make his way to Harley Quinn so he can get Commissioner Gordon back he ends up fighting against Scarecrow’s fear toxin seeing visions of everyone dead and then he breaks into the room

that Harley is holding Gordon in knocking around the process Gordon and Batman then make their way to some lab area where the Joker was tinkering with something and they discover that a woman named dr. young was working on something secret down there this secret project.

Involves kidnapping Bane from Blackgate and bringing him here Bane explains the doctor young drained all of the venom from his body and he begs Batman to cut him down but before Batman can do


Joker gives off a laugh and frees Bane to fight against Batman after defeating Bane Batman makes his way to the Batcave

that he installed in the island to restock and then he gets ready for his

next fight he puts together the Joker’s plan The Joker allowed himself to be brought to Arkham so that he can take dr. Young’s research into the venom toxins she was creating a stronger drug called Titan from it to help patients.

survive the strenuous therapies that they may have to go through here at Arkham but dr. young learned that her funding was coming from the Joker himself so she cut him off from getting his Titan in response he broke in to take it for himself Batman makes his way through the facility and frees dr. young that’s being held captive by

zaz and she explains that this whole thing is so that the Joker can make an army but before Batman can get any more information out of her a bomb goes off killing her Batman wakes up to Harley Quinn standing.

over him torturing the warden and he has to fight his way out of there he chases down Harley but loses sight of her and then Harley Quinn ends up freeing poison ivy just to stir up some trouble.

Eventually Batman captures Harley and she lets it slip that the Joker has a Titan production facility in the Botanical Gardens traveling to that side of Arkham he alone that it was all made from genetically altered plants so he tries to get ivy to help him make an antidote but she tells him that he’ll need the spores that are located in Killer Croc Slayer in order to make this antidote while he’s trying to get down

there Joker injects ivy with a titin formula enhancing her powers over plants and she begins to cover the whole island with giant mutant plants Batman ends up.

fighting against scarecrow once again and then he fights croc but he does manage to get the spores and make an antidote in his Batcave just as ivy is destroying it with her mutant plants with the antidote in hand he begins finishing up with arkham asylum and he starts by taking out RV because she’s destroying everything around her he

defeats her by literally blowing up the giant plant that she is now located.

Inside of this leaves it with no one left with the Joker and he approaches. Joker on his throne as Joker is holding

the ventriloquist dummy and trying to talk to it he then finds out that the Joker has amped up a bunch of guards and goons on Titan and was defeating them.

Joker reveals that he kidnapped Commissioner Gordon once again and he intends on shooting him with the Titan formula so that Batman will be forced to fight his friend as the Joker fires the dart Batman leaps in the wave and gets injected with Titan himself and he tries

his best to resist the change irritating the Joker after they exchanged a few blows Joker decides that he’ll inject himself to have his own fun with Batman and Batman finds himself fighting against a roided-out Joker that continually eggs on Batman to go ahead and accept the Titan change eventually Batman just injects himself with the antidote wasting it on himself and not using it on the Joker.

Then makes Batman fight against a series of goons and Batman ends up using his explosive gel to defeat the Joker and the night is won all of the inmates are brought back to Arkham and the Titan enhanced ones eventually returned back to normal though some of them face some painful.

Changez Gordon then reports that they have the whole building under control once again and Batman overhears two faces attacking Gotham City so he loads up in the bat jet and he heads off into the night because the Dark Knight’s job is never over thank you for joining us for this game as usual follow us at eligible monster if you want a chat about this game and we’ll see you next time right here.


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