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Gears of war 2 – review, story, gameplay and buy here for xbox




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Gears of War 2 game is developed by Epic Games. Gears of War 2 game is designed by Cliff Blesinski. The game has won the VGX Award – Best Xbox 360 Game Award. The game was released on 7 November 2008. This game was launched for XBox 360.



Game play of Gears of War 2 game is very good, a lot of hard work has been done by the company on this game. The story line of this game is very good. Gears of War 2 game is a third person shooter game, as well as a game in the category of action-adventure games. The weapon and weapon of this game is very good and advanced. Gears of War 2 game has been rated very well by Google users. Gears of War 2 game has a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5, which is a good rating.





Story (Plot)

Read about the story of Gears of War 2 game here –

The first game begins with Dominic Santiago freeing his friend, former COG soldier Marcus

Fenix, from the Jacinto Maximum Security Prison.Dom frees Marcus in order to receive his help in fighting the Locust: an army of humanoid creatures that had emerged from the Hollow, the underground tunnel network beneath thesurface of the planet Sera fourteen years prior.

The two escape the prison and meet up with Anthony Carmine and Minh Young Kim, the other

two members of “Delta Squad”.

The squad receive orders to locate Alpha Squad and obtain the “Resonator”, a device to

be used to map the Hollow in order to find a strategic location to plant the “Lightmass


On the way, however, Carmine is killed by a Locust sniper.

Delta Squad then finds Augustus Cole, Damon Baird, and the remainder of Alpha Squad.

However, they are ambushed by Locust soldiers, and half of Alpha Squad, along with Kim, are

killed by Locust troops and their leader, General RAAM.

The remaining COG soldiers escape with the Resonator, and Marcus is placed in charge

of Delta Squad.

Delta squad is ordered to jaunt the Lethia Imulsion Facility.

They stop at a nearby camp to borrow a junker from a stranded named Franklin.

After avoiding batlike creatures called the Kryll, the group get to the Junker and take

it to the mining facility, where it breaks down.

After making their way through the facility, Delta squad then enter the Imulsion mine tunnels,

and head to a central location where the Resonator will have its greatest effect.

Fighting their way through Locust forces, Marcus eventually encounters a Corpser, which

he defeats, and the squad reach their location.

Baird activates the Resonator, and the group escapes, only to learn that the information

acquired from it wasn’t significant enough to be of use for the Lightmass Bomb.

Luckily, in their travels, Baird found a device with a near-complete map of the tunnels, with

data leading back to the East Barricade Academy: the home of Adam Fenix, Marcus’ father.

Delta squad takes a King Raven helicopter to the Academy, and they make their way to

the Fenix manor.

There, they find an APC vehicle which Baird and Cole begin to repair as Dom and Marcus

search for information.

They find a hidden laboratory in the basement, and retrieve the tunnel maps.

Shortly after, they are attacked by a Locust Brumak, which they escape from in the APC

before it destroys the mansion.

The team rushes to a train station to board the Tyro Pillar, which is carrying the Lightmass


Dom and Marcus battle through a horde of Locust forces to reach the front car to set off the


There, they encounter General RAAM, and defeat him.

Quickly, Marcus uploads the tunnel data into the Lightmass Bomb, and escapes the train

before setting it off.

The bomb launches into the tunnels, and destroys a crucial Locust stronghold, as well as almost

all of the Kryll.

This victory is short lived, however, as the Locust, along with their Queen, vow to continue

the fight.

Shortly after the Lightmass Bomb explosion, the Locust back humankind into the city of

Jacinto, which is now their last safe haven.

However, Locust forces begin to attack the city’s hospital, which currently contains

Marcus, Dom, Anya Stroud (Delta Squad’s controller from the Lightmass Offensive),

and Ben Carmine (a rookie recruit and Anthony Carmine’s brother).

Anya and Ben stay behind as Marcus and Dom meet up with Tai Kaliso, whom Marcus knew

from the Pendulum Wars.

The Pendulum Wars was a conflict between the two superpowers of Sera over its resources

which only ended shortly before the Locust attacked on Emergence Day.

The three meet back up with Carmine, and they force the attacking Locust to retreat.

After this, Chairman Richard Prescott speaks before the Gears, informing them that the

Locust are back and stronger than ever, with the ability to sink entire cities, and their

only hope is to take the attack to the Locust Horde in the Hollow.

Delta then head to meet with Dizzy Wallin, a driver of a massive truck called an Assault


They fight through a Locust army to reach the town of Landown.

There, they are attacked once again by a group of Locust, this time led by Skorge, leader

of the Kantus.

Dizzy and Tai fight Skorge head on, as Marcus and Dom descend in a grindlift to the inner


Underground, Marcus and Dom meet back up with Carmine and move through the Hollow along

with other Gears, and eventually find that the Locust are using a giant Riftworm to sink

cities, which Skorge illustrates by sinking the city of Ilima.

Delta squad searches for survivors in the sunken city, but are quickly outnumbered.

However, Cole arrives in the nick of time to save them.

Cole then informs them that Baird has gone missing.

The Squad then finds Baird encaptured in a cage.

He explains that the Locust are capturing and torturing humans on giant barges.

The team come across one, where they find Tai, visibly broken by torture.

Marcus gives him a shotgun to join the fight, but he instead uses it to take his own life.

Back in the sunken city, Delta Squad attempts an escape in a King Raven, but are stopped

by the Riftworm, which swallows the helicopter.

The crew narrowly survive this swallowing, except for Carmine, who had fallen out of

the King Raven.

He dies from injuries sustained, and Marcus decides to kill the Riftworm.

Delta finds and cuts open the worm’s arteries and kills it.

Afterwards, they escape from the creature by cutting through its flesh.

Delta then is ordered to find the New Hope Research Facility in order to gather intel

on the location of Nexus, the main Locust stronghold, and the location of their Queen.

Inside this facility, Marcus and Dom find Sires, apparent test subjects of Human and

Locust combination.

They fight through the aggressive Sires, and find the location of Nexus before heading

off to Mount Kadar, where they will find a back entrance.

Up Mount Kadar, the group find a Stranded city, where survivors were forced to head

to after their outposts were overrun.

Cole and Baird escort the survivors to the surface for extraction, and Dom learns that

his missing wife, Maria, was captured by the Locust.

Marcus and Dom fight through towards Nexus, encountering a lake containing a massive Leviathan,

which they kill, then reach Nexus.

Upon arrival at Nexus, Dom and Marcus begin a search for Maria in nearby labor camps.

They are able to locate Maria, however she is near death due to torture and starvation.

Dom painfully euthanizes his wife to end her suffering, and vows his revenge on the Locust

before the two enter Nexus.

They fight their way through, and reunite with Cole and Baird to begin an attack on

the Locust capital city.

They soon learn that the Locust are engaged in a civil war with the Lambent, who are Locusts

mutated by Imulsion exposure.

Delta hacks a Locust terminal to find recordings from Adam Fenix, who explains that if the

Locust sink Jacinto, it would flood the Hollow and destroy its inhabitants, which the Locust

Queen intends to do after evacuating the regular Locust Horde.

Delta then fight their way to the throne room to confront the Queen.

She explains that she has sent an army to attack Jacinto, distracting the COG Army to

allow them to escape without humans flooding the Hollow first.

She also implies that she knows Adam Fenix, before ordering Skorge to attack.

Cole and Baird pursue the Queen, while Marcus and Dom battle Skorge.

Skorge retreats on a Hydra, and Delta regroup to hijack two Reavers to fly to Jacinto.

They are pursued by Skorge, whom Marcus disposes of.

Back at Jacinto, Delta defends the COG headquarters, and is informed that they must sink Jacinto

using a Lightmass Bomb, sacrificing the city to flood the Hollow.

Marcus and Dom hijack a Brumak and blast an opening for King Ravens to deploy the Lightmass

Bomb under the city.

The Brumak begins to turn Lambent due to Imulsion exposure, and destroys the King Raven carrying

the Lightmass Bomb.

From the other Raven, Delta team use the Hammer of Dawn, an extremely powerful COG weapon,

to cause the Brumak to explode, generating enough power to sink Jacinto and flood the

Hollow, drowning each the Locust horde and also the glowing.

The Gears head off on their King Raven, ending this chapter of the story.

Eighteen months after the sinking of Jacinto, the human survivors moved to the island of

Vectes in order to rebuild.

However, this peace did not last long, as the Lambent began to emerge from underground.

The COG head of the state, Chairman Prescott, abandoned them, leaving many to believe he

had something to hide.

Some survivors head off to the Anvil Gate garrison, while Delta Squad set off on an

aircraft carrier called the CNV Sovereign with several others to live at sea and avoid

the Lambent.

Chairman Prescott resurfaces and arrives on the Sovereign to give Marcus a disc which

shows that his father, Adam, is still alive.

Shortly after, the ship is attacked by a Lambent Laviathan, which is destroyed by a trap set

by Baird and Cole at a nearby bridge.

This, however, ends up destroying the ship, killing many, including Prescott.

Before dying, he is able to give Marcus an encrypted key with Adam’s location: a base

called Azura.

Marcus, Cole, Dom, and Baird head off to Anvil Gate to decrypt the key.

To reach Anvil Gate, the Gears hijack a Locust gas barge, picking up Dizzy on the way.

At Anvil Gate, they help Victor Hoffman fight off a Locust Attack, then decrypt the key

to discover that Azura is protected by a man-made Maelstorm, to prevent arrival by air or sea.

The group decide to use a submarine, and travel to the city of Mercy to gather Imulsion as


There, the Gears find Imulsion poisoned humans.

Fearing that the infection may spread, Dom sacrifices himself by driving a large truck

into an Imulsion tanker, which explodes, taking out the Lambent humans and allowing the rest

of the Gears to leave for the city of Char to obtain the submarine.

In Char, the group encounter a group of survivors led by former Imulsion executive Aaron Griffin,

who holds Dizzy hostage until the Gears find a lost cable car loaded with fuel.

After finding it, the Locust Queen, Myrrah, attacks, and the Gears rush back to save Dizzy,

which they do, losing the fuel in the process.

They are able to make it to the Endeavor Shipyards to find the submarine, and refuel and repair

it before heading off to Azura.

The group slip under the Maelstorm and find that a group of Locust are also trying to

get to Adam.

They also discover intel that Prescott knew about Emergence Day, and had ordered Azura

to be constructed as the home of the world’s elite.

Adam communicates with the team via security cameras and explains that he has discovered

a cure to Lambency, but needs the Gears help to execute it.

The group are able to disable the Maelstorm, and fight their way to the hotel where Adam

is being kept.

Queen Myrrah arrives, and reveals that Adam had been working with her for twenty years

on a way to kill the Lambent without killing the Locust.

However, Adam’s current plan will kill both, so Myrrah attempts to stop the Gears, but

fails as she is dispatched of by Marcus.

The squad reach Adam, who explains that Imulsion is actually a living organism, which adapts

with Locust and Human bodies to create the Lambent.

Adam has developed associate energy wave which will destroy any cell infected by Imulsion.

The squad escort Adam to the roof of the building to start out his energy generator.

Adam then reveals that he had infected himself with Imulsion to review its effects and check

his cure.

He says his goodbyes to his son and shortly dies because the generator reaches full power.

Shortly once, Myrrah, still alive from the previous attack, arrives and blames Marcus

for Adam’s failures.

Marcus, however, stabs Myrrah with Dom’s knife, killing her before the machine generates

its waves of energy, increasing across the world, killing glowing and Locust at giant.

The Gears celebrate the top of the war.

Marcus mourns the loss of his supporter and father, however is reunited with Anya, who

reminds him that his father requested he continue to exist for him, which they currently have a tomorrow

thanks to their sacrifice.

This image is our last of the initial trio, as we have a tendency to move forward to the longer term, and a new

saga for Gears

of War.

From my perspective you should play the Gears of Wars 2 game.





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