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                                                                            Minecraft 1.20 features

Hello Minecraft game lovers, a few weeks ago today Minecraft revealed some features of its new update 1.20. Recently, a new snapshot of the Minecraft game has been released, in which we have told all the features available in today’s blog.



New Experimental Features in 22w46a

  1. Books can be added or removed from any slot in the sculpted bookshelf by targeting specific slots

Mob Heads on Note Blocks interaction

  1. When a mob’s head is placed on a note block, that note block will now play one of that mob’s ambient sounds when played by a player or powered by redstone.

Piglin Mob Head

  1. Piglins will now drop their heads when killed by a Charged Creeper.
  2. Placing Piglin’s head on the note block will play one of Piglin’s ambient sounds.
  3. Piglin’s head will flap its ears when powered by redstone, or worn by the player while walking.

Change to 22w46a

  1. Endermen, skeletons, and withered skeletons in the dimension below now only appear at light level 7 and below (instead of 11 and below).
  2. Its purpose is to deactivate some portal-based mob farms.
  3. Added new top textures for Bamboo Block and Striped Bamboo Block.
  4. Bamboo plank texture has been tweaked to match the tiling pattern similar to other plank variants.

Creative List Changes

  1. Redstone tab rearranged based on feedback.
  2. Added Rails to the Tools and Utilities tab next to Minecraft.


Technical Changes to 22w46a

  1. Blocks created by Endermen now use the loot table to generate drops when killed.
  2. texture loading and stitch changes.
  3. translation files and pack.mcmeta now include non-ASCII characters directly (encoded as UTF-8) instead of using escape sequences.
  4. New telemetry events added.



This release includes the WorldUnloaded event, a required event, as well as several opt-in events. Diagnostic tracking is a tool that helps us understand what you like about Minecraft, which allows us to make those things better.

The reason why WorldUnloaded, as with WorldLoaded, is a necessary event, is because the information we’re looking for is, well, necessary. As part of Xbox, we are all required to adhere to a standard of practice, which you can find in detail here. The parameters of data considered important to our work are determined by our team at Mojang Studios in alignment with Xbox.

We want to know how much fun you think Minecraft is. There are several ways to find out, such as Feedback, Playtest, Experience and Magic. We want to add data to the mix, which is where WorldLoaded and WorldUnloaded come in. WorldLoaded measures when you boot a session, and WorldUnloaded measures when you close it. Together, they’ll measure how fun Minecraft is with metrics like playtime and the game modes players choose to play in. only so. All data we collect, whether required or opt-in, follows GDPR and CCPA best practices to protect your information.

The remaining current telemetry events are opt-in, which means you can choose whether or not you want us to send you additional data. The only players who cannot opt-in are Microsoft child accounts, but everyone can still send their feedback at

Like all the ideas and comments you will receive on our Feedback site, it is something that helps us a lot to make Minecraft better. We want to make a game you want to play, so we want to know what that game needs. Even if it is more lava.


Telemetry Transparency

  • Added telemetry data collection screen

  1. This screen displays information about the type of data to be sent.
  2. The level of data sent can be controlled between “Minimum” and “All”.
  3. “minimal” sends only the necessary data
  4. Sends “all” required data, plus optional data
  5. The default data level is “minimum” (only required data)
  • Every telemetry event sent from the client is now logged to disk

  1. Old log files are deleted after 7 days.
  2. These can be found under the log/telemetry directory.
  3. A shortcut to this directory is available via the “Open my data” button on the telemetry data collection screen.


Essential Telemetry Events


  1. WorldUnloaded event added.
  2. client java version removed from worldloaded event.


Worldloaded and Worldunloaded

Understanding how Minecraft is played allows us to focus game updates and improvements on the areas that are most relevant to players. The data that tells us this includes game mode, client or server modded status, and game version.

WorldLoaded and WorldUnloaded are two paired events that count how long the world session has been running (in seconds and ticks). Data from WorldLoaded is sent when a world is launched, and data from WorldUnloaded is sent when a world is closed (skipping title, disconnecting from server).


Optional Telemetry Event

  1. Added performance metrics and WorldLoadTimes event




Report bugs here: Minecraft issue tracker

Want to give feedback?

Head over to our feedback website or come chat with us about it on the official Minecraft Discord

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